Where best to put money for marketing?

There are so many places your business can spend your marketing budget on, but where is the best place to get a good return on investment. To be straight to the point, social media. You should be focusing 90% of your attention on social media, why?

Technology has become a massive part of the human evolution. To be more specific, smart phones have become as important to each individual as much as one of their limbs. The power held within a mobile is incredible and has become the most powerful part of us. Don’t believe me? try living without your phone for 2 weeks. Do you think you could manage? Now think about not having your phone for 1 week, 3 days, 1 day. I bet most of you are still debating if you could manage without it for 1 day. Think about how many time you check your phone a day and what apps you use.

Most of us, if not all of us, are on some sort of social media platform, may it be Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Twiiter, Pinterest and the list keeps growing. You need to be in that game for many reasons. These social media platforms are the most used apps people use and most importantly, people spend the most amount of time on there. You need to grab peoples time when marketing your business and this is the place…..

Back in 2001, businesses could send email campaigns to a list of email addresses and get crazy amount of rich leads from 1 campaign. Why? because the market is fresh and not over filled with marketing emails so you may only get a week and so you would open then and take a quick read of them to check if its interesting for you. Now the market has changed. This pond has been so overfilled with many other business sending marketing emails that people now don’t even bother checking these emails. Whens the last time you read a marketing email truthfully and read the content past the subject before trashing it? Marketing emails have become so obsolete that you really should not be spending more than 10% of your budget on this.

Social media platforms know there biggest asset is attention. They have peoples attention and that is their end goal from a business standpoint and social network from a user point of view. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have made these tools available to business to enable them to advertise on their platforms. They make money from you but you get the attention you need. They have all sorts of data about every individual on their platform from their age, gender, interests, most searched for etc… You can use this data to target individuals who have interests similar to your business and you know the people who will see your ad, will be rich potential leads and so you only pay for rich leads. You only pay for quality leads, whats not to love.

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